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Media Kit | Stake Pocket Covers | Engineered by Schildmeier

STAKE POCKET COVERS | Popular Truck Accessory for GM and Ram Trucks

Stake Pocket Covers, truck accessory for GM and Ram pickup trucks, Made in the USA by Engineered by Schildmeier

Developed by Engineered by Schildmeier founder and owner Gene Schildmeier, Stake Pocket Covers are available for most GM (Chevy and GMC) and Ram (Dodge) pickup trucks with "stake pockets" incorporated on the truck bed rails. Designed to provide hand holds for truck owners to pull themselves up into the truck bed, stake pocket holes also collect dirt, leaves, rain, snow, and other debris creating a mess that can lead to rust. 

For many truck owners, covering those stake pockets is a convenient, easy way to keep their trucks cleaner and looking better. And Engineered by Schildmeier Stake Pocket Covers are the best on the market. Designed, tooled, and Made in the USA, our products are precisely engineered and manufactured to meet the needs of American truck owners who want the best for their trucks. 

Download Media Kit for Stake Pocket Covers by Engineered by Schildmeier: 

Download PDF Media Kit

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